Moisturizing by the LIVING WATER, we live a better life, full of vitality. Nurturing by the LIVING WATER, we live a healthier life, full of energy. The water is so pure, as it flows from the springhead.

LIVING WATER by CareLife sources from the majestic glaciers in Canada formed naturally 24 million years ago. The water source is located in the Canadian Natural Preserves, where covered with its original native plant, is regarded as a natural oxygen bar. Within the millions of years, the glaciers located on the mountain summit formed and alternately melted, resulting in clean and clear glacier water.

After continuous efforts of aerial and ground exploration, followed with times of research, sampling and testing, the founder of the CareLife finally chose Schoen Glacier as the water source. The choice of the source is blessed, under God’s guidance and mercy, which is a great gift. LIVING WATER is aseptic bottled straight from the source to keep the original taste and purity, while preventing the water from being polluted during bottling at other places.

LIVING WATER is 100% natural glacier water, which is also known as depleted deuterium water, is very soft. It’s the LIVING WATER for the cells, with a sweet and soft taste. The LIVING WATER has low level of total dissolved solids (TDS) content, and similar pH level as the human body. Also, the unique small and neutral water molecules can easily get into the cells, to help the body absorb the nutrients, while the metabolites and various toxic could be excreted out of the body quickly. LIVING WATER has a significant role in eliminating fatigue, improving sleep, moisturizing the skin and improving immunity as well. The softness of the water is especially safe for babies.

Care Health, Care Life, Care Family! This is our most sincere attitude to life, the most honest of the company philosophy. LIVING WATER is precious, because it’s rare. LIVING WATER is noble, because it’s pure. Taste it finely from the extraordinary quality water as it’s worth for your appreciation. We offer our sincerest heart with high quality necessities of your daily life. We are expecting to provide our high end products and services to those in the same camp!